Lose Belly Fat Fast In 5 Easy Ways

Belly fat is, undoubtedly, the most dangerous kind of fat. It piles on rapidly and melts away very slowly. This is the reason why people who are conscious about their bulging waistlines keep pestering their gym trainers with questions about easy exercises that they can perform so as to lose belly fat fast. And in their desperation, they often start working out too enthusiastically, without regard to maintaining a healthy balance. There are numerous smart ways to get rid of your belly fat including a healthy exercise routine, changing your eating habits, and manicuring your lifestyle. Below, we take a look at 5 such ways to lose belly fat fast as follows:

1. Avoid skipping breakfast

It may seem like a counter productive measure to eat when you are trying to lose belly fat, but research shows that eating breakfast within an hour of waking up not only steadies your insulin levels, but lowers your LDL cholesterol as well. Therefore, always try and eat breakfast around the same time each day and in the event that you sleep in (say on weekends), eat when you get up.

Also, consider including high-fiber foods (vegetables, crisp fruit, peanut margarine, eggs etc.) and protein for breakfast. These take longer to process than complex carbs and refined sugars so you are likely to feel fuller throughout the morning.

2. Decompress

Research indicates that the discharge of cortisol (a hormone produced when you are stressed) is directly related with an increase in belly fat. To combat stress, try the following:

· Get enough sleep – Most adults need about 7 hours of sleep consistently to function appropriately.

· Have time to unwind – Even if it is just for 15 minutes when you are on your lunch break, create time to breathe profoundly, close your eyes, and overlook your stresses.

3. Aerobic exercises

Aerobic exercise (cardio) is not just beneficial for heart health and overall health. Studies have shown that it is, in fact, one of the best methods for getting rid of tummy fat and love handles. Cardio exercises like light jogging or brisk walking are highly effective in reducing belly fat, especially the dangerous visceral fat that surrounds the internal organs.

4. Eat high fiber foods

Fiber offers numerous health benefits, including lowering the risk of high cholesterol, heart disease, and constipation. It has also been shown to aid in weight loss and help in reducing abdominal belly fat. One reason for this is that a diet high in fiber tends to be more filling and provides a sense of satiety after meals owing to the fact that human bodies lack the necessary enzymes to break down fiber in the digestive tract. Moreover, fiber foods tend to be less dense i.e. they contain fewer calories for the same food volume thus giving you a better nutrition bang for your buck.

5. Perform some weight lifting exercises

Just because resistance training is considered an inferior way of reducing belly fat it does not mean it should be abandoned altogether. While cardio exercises burn calories and help in shedding the pounds, weight lifting is highly effective in trimming the waist. So much so that 20 minutes of weight lifting each day can help lessen abdominal fat whilst preserving or increasing muscle mass.

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